The Cracker Sisters are Graham Cracker (KQGS)'s sisters.


They grew up with Graham. His sisters (and Graham) are animal people. They had two pet jinxes, a circus of weevils, were-hogs, and a miniature chimera.


  • So far only Graham and possibly Triumph the Third know the name of one of Graham's sisters (obviously he knows both, but he makes reference to one of his sister's specifically).[1]
  • Graham has kissed one of his sisters, and felt nothing from it...[2] (from an unused line)
  • Graham used to play a travel game with his sisters on long road trips to pass the time.[3]

References Edit

  1. Graham (KQC3): "No, that's my sister's name. You know that."
  2. Graham (KQC3):That felt like kissing my sister.
  3. Graham (KQC4)

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