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A lengthy and spoiler filled piece of fan fiction written by User:Grahamburger (also known as crayauchtin on the Phoenix Online Forums which re-novelizes the King's Quest series, taking into account the fan-games that have been created such as Romancing the Stones. It attempts to reconcile contradictions between the fanon and canon universes (and within the canon universe as well) but should not be treated as canon itself. There are some original changes made both to the fanon and canon as well. This page will be updated as more of the work is written.




A timeline has been composed for the project. You can see it at Cray's Companion: Timeline.

Notable ChangesEdit

The Wizard & the Princess/Adventure in SereniaEdit

In canon, Princess Priscilla was captured twice by Harlin the Malevolent. The first time he was defeated but not killed by the Wanderer. The second time, he turned back to sands of time and a second Wanderer, from the future, defeated him by following the same steps as the original Wanderer. Rather than write the same adventure twice with different characters, in Cray's KQ Companion the original Wanderer taught the second Wanderer and the second rescued the Princess. This keeps with the canon idea that there were two Wanderers but prevents the repetition (which may be fun to play but is likely less fun to read!)

A minor change has also been made to the Wanderer's inventory -- in the original game, the player has to drop one of the notes to determine which one he is looking at. Due to the limitations of the technology at the time, the game was unable to determine which note the player wanted to look at. Since there is no such limitation in writing, our benevolent hero hangs on to both notes!

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