Creation was the event when the Universe was created. 


It was when the infinite multitude of beings and numbers were created. Three holds the key to Creation, and seven is the number of Completion, the key to the rhythms of life.

Creation plus Completion equals All Things.

The world was created by, God, the Creator of the Universe, and his son Christ.

The eternal city of Tanalore is said to touch all the realities of creation.

Behind the scenesEdit

The riddle appears to be a reference to the Trinity in Christian lore, whereas seven is a reference to the seven day week. The world was created in six days, and on the seventh day the world was complete, and God rested. It also is a clue to finding a skull in the Hall of Respite. The fact that it is connected to the hall of "respite" appears to be a reference the fact that God rested on the seventh day.

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