Crimson sea
The Crimson Sea is a sea on the world of Daventry.[1]


Shipwrecked sailors and wanderers have spoken of the place where the oceans are red, and the sands are blue,[2] One such place is the Crimson Sea. East of the sea lie the Islands of Despond.

Sometimes described as a rainbow-like sea (for its colors shift and change sometimes red and sometimes a lavender ocean). The reddish sea is the location of the Blue Islands and Enchanted Isles. These islands lie roughly between the outer margins of Great Sea Ocean and also the Southern Sea in or near the Unknown (southeast of Kolyma and Southwest of Tanalore).

The Quartz Tower rises from the center of the one of the islands, the Enchanted Island. The islands float in a iridescent sea under a pink colored sky. The water has a rainbow quality, changing colors with the movement of the water. The waters are raging and frothing as in a storm. The water is too turbulent to swim in.

Golden Fish swim in the wild sea, and are willing to help anyone across the ocean who shows kindness to them.

Behind the scenesEdit

This area is referred to as the Rough Ocean on the maps on the KQ2 Hintbook.

The Crimson Sea is mentioned in See No Weevil, and King's Quest Companion, mentions the place where the 'seas are red'. The exact locations of the Enchanted Islands is considered to be unknown, with some rumors suggesting they may even exist in another universe, on another world. However others believe they exist, but in a strange area of the world. Derek has attempted to place its location on his maps, based on his rough guess of where the rumors suggest they are located.

On Apple II version the sea is lavender, interestingly enough its described that way in The Story So Far in the The King's Quest VII: Authorized Guide.

In the real world there a couple of similar aspects, there is Red Tide which have to do with a specific algae or bacterial bloom. The Red Sea may have been named for such a specific bacterial bloom.


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