Crispin's House is the home of the great high wizard Crispinophur in Serenia. Crispin's "warm but cozy" cottage is where Crispin lives. It has a small pond, a well, and a cellar. A bridge crosses the pond. There is also a device in his front yard that Cedric describes as a Universe Interpreter, which is capable of realigning the stars.


Crispin was the main instigator of the first withdrawal of folk from the Other World to the world of Daventry, and the place of their arrival was in front of Crispin's house. It is said that the house was already there when the first folk arrived, and is the nucleus around which the universe was created.  In the front yard, there is a strange device of pulleys and levers and whirligigs, which Crispin calls his "Universe Interpreter". Often he claims that he forgets what it's there fore, but it might have something to do with keeping the multiverse intact.[1]

No one knows exactly where people first appeared after the first withdrawall. The exact spot of the arrival had never been marked by stone, or statue, or eidolon, for that is not the people's way; but many hold that the place is where the great wizard Crispinophur now sits. It is said that the house has been there, never aging, since the beginning of time. It is also claimd that it was built in less than an instant by the same magician, who was already an old man when time began.[2]

The house is always magically locked so as to discourage, in Crispin's own words, "...traveling peddlers and meddlers, as well as sellers of washing utensils and encyclopedic parchments."[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

It is known as the Crispin Hut in Quest for Daventry.


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