A small hand-held crossbow which became Connor's first ranged weapon. Connor had no ranged weapons when he started on his adventure to save Daventry during the cataclysm. As he explored his village after the coming of the cataclysm he came near a spriggan which was guarding the churchyard near the Mausoleum. It fired on Connor with a crossbow. He then climbed up a rocky plateau behind mausoleum which lead to a cliff overlooking the roof of the Mausoleum. After jumping over the roof he then jumped down behind spriggan sneaking up behind and slicing its neck with his dagger. After killing the spriggan he was able to take the crossbow as his own. Later Connor dropped the crossbow in order to get the Hammer of Azriel, the crossbow disintegrated upon touching the floating stone on which the Hammer had been placed.

Two guards with crossbows, one near Farmer Simms's House, and one in Castle Daventry had been turned to stone by the vile tempest. Their crossbow was no match against the evil power. Connor vowed he would not stop until they were free to walk once again.

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