The Crowd was group of Lords and Ladies of Daventry that appeared in the KQ1 remake.

Background Edit

It was a large crowd that had filled the King's Chamber of Castle Daventry to the west of courtyard of the castle. They are the Ladies and Lords of the castle (and probably includes the Doctor as well). When King Edward died, and Graham was presented as the new king, they wished Graham a long life.[1]

Possibly individuals in the crowd might include Gerwain, the prime minister, and the old stuffy Royal Scribe, even possibly Rokaill, or Oswold (or his father), Dukes and Earls or even some of the Knights of Daventry (who were minor Lords and noblemen at the time), or even other Royal physicians (such as Josiah), or royal aides or other castle staff. It's possible that Rosella's Great-Grandfather (Graham's grandfather) might have still been alive to see it as well.


  • "GASP!"
  • "It's Sir Graham"
  • "He's returned"
  • "Did he find the treasures?"
  • "Shhhhhh!"
  • "Listen!"
  • "Long live the King!"

Behind the scenesEdit

They are minor characters that were added into KQ1SCI. They do not appear in the original KQ1.


  1. CROWD (KQ1SCI): "Long live the King!"


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