The Crown of Daventry is the symbol of rule for the Kingdom of Daventry it is worn by the King of Daventry.


Behind the scenesEdit

This was the ultimate goal in Graham's Quest for the Crown.

See also Crown artwork.

In KQ2, Graham takes off his crown and changes to his adventurer's cap before heading to Kolyma. Yet he has his crown during his wedding at the Chapel in Kolyma. Where did he keep the crown throughout the game?

Queen Valanice has at least one crown this is the Sapphire Tiara. Though other artwork see Valanice's wardrobe may suggest other crowns (another with a red gemstone possibly ruby on it).

This is usually just referred to as 'crown/Crown' if its even mentioned at all. King's Quest Chapter I: A Knight to Remember uses the proper title "Crown of Daventry" perhaps for the first time.

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