A Crystal Cave are caves filled with crystals of many types, sometimes quartz or ice crystals. The most famous Crystal Cave is the Yeti Cave near the Ice Palace on the Snowy Mountain in the Great Mountains. Another crystalline cavern is the volcanic crystal cavern of the trolls found deep under the Vulcanix Underground where the Crystal Dragon resides. Inhabitants of the Frozen Reaches sometimes build their palaces within caves made of ice crystal, such as the Gryph Cave.

Certain crystals reflect attacks back at their casters causing them to suffer the effects of their own aggression. These powerful crystals, however, are not common, and are most often found clustered in caves, both in the high mountains and underground. In Daventry, this means there is a dragon or yeti or other monster around, and this helps account for their scarcity.

Behind the scenesEdit

Crystal Cave was the name given to the Yeti Cave in the KQ5 Hintbook, and the Sierra BBS Hint System. It is also used at least once in the The Official Book of King's Quest.

It is the Crystal Caves in KQ5NES according to a Konami advertisement, and the back of the box.

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