The information from this article is from the fan game s or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

Da'dorka is an Elven woodcutter from the Elven Village of Dhurgei in the unofficial King's Quest ZZT series. He is the elf that supplies the whole village with wood. In King's Quest ZZT, Alexander discovers him resting under the shade of a tree on the warm day, rather than chopping wood. He had left his axe on a nearby stump. Alexander discovered a bag containing fifty gold coins in a pile of sawdust nearby. Da'dorka greeted Alexander, and wished him luck on his mission. In King's Quest ZZT 2, he has cut down many trees in same section of the forest. Since fact wood-supply of the elves is full, and he no longer has a need to chop down more trees. In order to relieve his boredom he challenges Alexander to a tree-chopping match in order to test his strength. For winning the match, Da'dorka gave Alexander a golden key. He had found the key in the forest to the west while chopping down a couple of trees.

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