Daggers are found throughout the King's Quest series.

Adventure in Serenia/Wizard and the PrincessEdit

The Peddler had a dagger for sale, though the Wanderer ignored it, buying the Horn instead.

King's Quest IEdit

File:DaggerKQ1.jpg The small dagger was hidden underneath a rock in the forest near Castle Daventry. Its handle was very beautifully carved; the blade is bronze and very sharp.[1] Graham accidentally discovered it while resting on the rock.[2] Later on he would use the dagger to cut the rope which connected the bucket to the well.

In KQ1 SCI, it is a fine silver dagger, of elvish make, and of great antiquity. It had a wavy blade, with a very sharp edge, and is covered with runes.

The dagger is deadly enough to slay the dragon guarding the Magic Mirror in both versions!

King's Quest VIEdit


Alexander used Lady Celeste's dagger to her bonds after he slew the Minotour in the catacombs. She allowed him to keep it as a token of her thanks. After Alexander snuck into the Castle of the Crown, he found Princess Cassima and gave her the dagger to defend herself. After she was captured by Alhazred, she used to the dagger to cut her bonds and used it against the vizier by thrusting it into his shoulder, allowing Alexander to knock him unconscious. The small dagger is decorated with precious gems set in a delicate, feminine style.

King's Quest: Mask of EternityEdit


Dagger embedded in a table.

Connor kept a fine dagger in his home, which he had embedded on the worktable in his home. Because he had started out weaponless he took his dagger to help defend himself during his quest to save Daventry. Not longer after receiving it he used it to defeat a roving goblin near his house. He also snuck up behind a spriggan to slice its neck so that he could take its Crossbow.[3] He later replaced the dagger with an Axe.

The use of the dagger is one of three alternate puzzle solutions for defeating the Spriggan while avoiding regular combat, to obtain the Crossbow.

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ1AGI, the item is known simply as the 'dagger', and in KQ1SCI, its known as the 'Dagger'.


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