Darkness is a chaotic and evil type of magic (it is one of the types of black magic).


The magic of Darkness and Chaos was unleashed over Daventry and surrounding lands during the cataclysm. It causes the Sun to vanish, and allowed monsters to invade. Darkness is a manifestation of the Dark force. Darkness is capable of breaking the bond between Life and Light destroying the soul.

It is sometimes said that when all is darkness, the faintest light will shine the brightest.[1]

When the universe was younger and humanity less proud, giants did roam the earth and magic kept the forces of chaos and darkness at bay.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The vanishing of the sun, or it being hidden in a veil of darkness is very similar to the 'dawnless day' discussed in Lord of the Rings, when Sauron caused dark smoke to envelop Gondor act as cover to his invading forces of orcs, trolls, and other minions. It is said that Lord of the Rings was a big inspiratino for KQ8.


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