Copper coin

The Daventry Coin is a copper coin in KQ6.


The copper coins of Daventry bear the face of either King Graham or Queen Valanice on one side and the seal of Daventry on the other. The images are etched proud despite the coin's low denomination.[1]

When Alexander was washed ashore on the Isle of the Crown, he found that his treasure box was empty, except for one coin of Daventry, a copper coin. When Alexander rubbed the face of the Daventry coin he thought fondly of home. While he looked at the coin he wished he could speak to his father, and get advice.


Alexander can use the copper Daventry coin to buy assorted items in the Pawn Shoppe. After buying the first item, he can later trade it in for another item. It could not be traded in for the magic map to the Land of the Green Isles.

Alexander may also try to use it to prove his identity to the guard dogs of the castle, but they don't think he resembles his father King Graham (Alexander thinks he is the spitting image of King Graham). Alexander may also offer to Hassan, who tells him that the Ferry is no condition for him to take the 'fare', implying that the standard fare is a single copper coin. If Alexander offers it to Ali the Book Seller, he is told that all the books are hand-scribed and illuminated and far beyond the price of a single copper coin. If he offers it to the Lampseller, the Lampseller declines, telling Alexander he is only interested in old lamps.

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ6, Alexander found the the copper coin of Daventry inside a broken treasure box (the rest of the treasure had spilled out)[2]. King Graham graced the front of the coin. This item is referred to as the "Daventry Coin" in the KQ6 hintbook. Hakim refers to it as the 'Daventry coin' when you offer it to him in trade.

In KQ6 novel, Queen Valanice could be found on the coin.


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  2. Narrator (KQ6): "Alexander's treasure box lies partially buried in the sand. It must have washed ashore with the other ship debris. The box must have opened in the sea spilling its treasure. Everything has been washed away except one coin of Daventry. There's a copper coin in the treasure box. The coin bears the seal of Daventry and King Graham's noble face."

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