David is an original character featured in Revenge Of The Black Cloak Society


David is the royal messenger of Kolyma. He had been in the service of the royal family since Valanice was a child. He has remained in their service to the current day. Even at his advanced age, he still remains one of the fast messengers. It could be that he was blessed with magical speed. One of his most outstanding features is an iconic mustache.

He was one of the staff that was aware of the evil influence over the Old King. While he knew of the evils the Old King had taken part in, he remained silent, but still looking out for the royal family.

Queen Valanice considers him very kind, which is how he treated all in the Royal Family of Kolyma. He is also friend with the Royal Wizard of Kolyma.

Behind the scenesEdit

David own appearance, especially his mustache, was inspired by someone the author had worked with at one point in his life. Like the character, the person seemed to be always on the move. He was also a very kind person.

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