The Deadman's Coins were two old copper coins found in the eye sockets of a skeleton in the Catacombs of the Ancient Ones. Alexander payed the coins to Charon as fare to cross the River Styx. They appear to be marked with the letter 'C', perhaps for "Crown", the ruling body of the islands. This is likely the currency known as pence in the Kingdom.

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQC, the coins in the sockets were 'gold coins'. In KQ6 Hintbook known as the 'dead man's Coins', or the 'Deadman's Coins'. In KQ6 they are often described as the 'old coins'.

The C marking is not explained. It could refer to the Crown, or perhaps "coin", or 'cent', or perhaps it could represent 'Charon', a clue to its use.

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