The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

The Disenchanment Spell is a spell found in Ye Olde Book of Enchantments - Causes and Cures. This spell can break enchantments and also protect its carrier from being enchanted. Graham uses it to create an emerald from the crystal found in the hilt of Legenimor's Sword.


While casting enchantments upon others may provide you with many daily hours of fun, do not ignore the danger that a miscast spell may have upon your own person. For this reason, you should prepare a simple item with which you can protect yourself against the effects of an enchantment, as well as providing a means for reversing said spell, should it be deemed necessary.

Only the power of the emerald can properly dispel an enchantment, and thus the steps to create one are as follows. Firstly, heat a blue mineral and a yellow vegetable (a plant is an acceptable alternative) together, until they coagulate into a greenish liquid. Stir the mixture with a white feather. Drop into this a perfectly clear crystal, and recite:

"Heed now these words
Crystal, Perfect.
Green is thy hue
Restore, Correct.
Guard well my form
Preserve, Protect!"

You will now have the means to safeguard yourself, should your enchantments ever get out of hand. To restore that which is under an enchantment, simply allow a strong light to pass through your emerald, at the subject. Then, behold the restoration.

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