The Door Master (aka Gatekeeper and Ticket Taker) who stands at the gates to the Underworld of the Isle of the Dead.


He spends his time asking for tickets. He is a uniformed skeleton who stands guard at the Underworld Entrance. He takes tickets from passing spirits and then waves them on into the Underworld. He has a sword which he draws to defend the tendon-covered maw from who attempts to enter without a ticket.

Alexander gave him Allaria's ticket, and allowed him to passage through the gates.

He accepts the tickets given out by the Keyholder.


  • Door Master
  • Gatekeeper
  • Ticket Taker

Behind the scenesEdit

The title Gatekeeper originates from the King's Quest Companion, and the title Door Master originates from the KQ6 Hintbook. He is also known as the Ticket Taker.[1]


  1. KQC4E, pg 539

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