Dragon of Fire is a spell of Iconomancy of great power.


Dragon of Fire is used to turn the spellcaster into that most fearsome of beasts, the fire-breathing dragon. It is a spell of great power, and can be used for both attack and defense. Few can remain in the dragon form for much time, and repeated change into this shape is impossible.

Such monsters come in many sizes, and some even come with many heads. This particular spell will create a dragon large enough to easily cripple a dozen people with one incendiary snort of its single snout. The fire dragon is a most misunderstood creature. Though excessively dangerous, they are known to be shy and reclusive beasts who live in dark, cool caves, especially ones where gold or gems may be found. They are most attracted to sparkly and glittery things, and normally use their bright flames in order to look at the bright reflections caused by their fire illuminating the rich walls of their dens.

Despite their armored hides, massive, size, and terrifying appearance, dragons have an enormous weak spot. They are among the dullest, most stupid of creatures. For that reason, a magic user of even modest power can overcome the dragon's weak will and easily bind it their biding. Oft times sorcerers use the dragons as war beasts, to terrorize and immolate all who guard over the treasures of mages or countries, and it was such a dragon that King Graham was forced to overcome as he quested to save Daventry and become its King.

The dragon which Alexander slew in order to rescue his sister, Princess Rosella, was most likely also under some ensorcellment. If it had been marauding on its own, it would have likely cindered her quickly and moved on to new victims. It is still a mystery to all as to who set that particular dragon of fire to ravage Daventry, as it could neither have been Manannan nor Mordack.

Fire dragons have extremely poor eyesight. This fact is of scant use to humans and many of the little folk as the beasts can still see things as small as a young child. However, it is almost entirely vague to smaller animals and the tiny fairies. This fact was all but unknown until one aspiring magician promised to rid a small principality of its overpopulation of rabbits. She entranced a fire dragon and directed it to a carrot patch that was a particular favorite of bunnies. With a theatrical wave of her wand, she directed the beast to use its breath and to, "Fire!". The dragon breathed, but with no effect on the rabbits who bolted back into their holes in fright, even though the flame was not cast in their direction.

And so it was that the castle lost both its scarecrows, and the poor magician lost her job.[1]


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