Dreams are a powerful form of magic. The language of dreams is poetry.

Background Edit

Magic that all individuals are capable of using, although the most powerful are capable of shaping worlds with their dreams. These are known as the great dreamers.[1]

Dreams can also be seen as one of the realms between worlds, existing between the worlds of the multiverse in much the same way that cyberspace connects worlds across the aether between worlds. In this sense it exists between the physical and non-physical realms amongst the cosmos, and is itself represented by its own parallel universe Dreamland.

Etheria is sometimes known as the land beyond dreams. One of the citizens of that land the Weaver of Dreams is capable of creating dreams, and also creating Dream Silk which can help people visit the Dreamland, the Realm of Dreams easier. The Tapestry of Dreams can take people physically into the realm. Dreamland is ruled by the Lady Mab.


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