East Daventry is designation for half of the Kingdom of Daventry (at around the time of KQ1). When Daventry is divided into quadrants it is made up of Southeast Daventry and Northeast Daventry. The Alpine Lake lies roughly to the southwest of the region, and the castle's garden to the southeast. The castle lies roughly to the northeast (obviously is Magical law of "containment" was in effect).

This part of Daventry has several interesting features and attractions. This is the location of Castle Daventry (roughly to the North East). To the west of it is the Rock in Forest, its like no other rock you'll roll. You can also find the lake with the pebbles in this region, and they surely can come in handy in a high place. There are two trees in this area that have delighted individuals for generations. They both yield golden treasures.

The southwestern area was an uncivilized place with several menacing creatures lurking in the woods. Those who fail to run away fast enough, may find themselves frozen for a while, or even killed.

This is the also the location of the Door in Mountain. There's a door in its base, and like everyone else, visitors will want to get inside.

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