Eastern Kolyma is the eastern side of the island and kingdom of Kolyma (KQGS).


Eastern Kolyma is a rich kingdom in the island of Kolyma. Its ruled by a small family with a single daughter, Vee (KQGS) (Valanice of Western Kolyma). Due its financial success the family is able to travel a lot to other countries. Vee family could also afford to send her to the Academy in the Isles of Logic. The ruler of Eastern Kolyma is kind, and devoted to his daughter.

Eastern Kolyma has a troubled political relationship with Western Kolyma, and Vee was able to become best friends with Neese, the princess of that land.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the original lore 'East Kolyma' is the eastern half of Land of Kolyma ('western Kolyma', and has a very different meaning than in the new series. In the Companion (2nd Edition) there is however a mention of a 'eastern Kolyma' (Kingdom of Kolyma) in the eastern side of the continent beyond the mountains where most of the population lives.

This was where Valanice's parents came from (though her own homeland appears to have been in the Land of Kolyma ('western Kolyma') in that book. Very little is known about that region of the continent. Valanice is said to have grown up in a castle in one of the three original novels, but its never specified where that tower was located.

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