Eldritch is a northern kingdom mentioned King's Quest Chapter I: A Knight To Remember, it is a reference the Realm of Eldritch (Eldritch) which originally appeared in King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride.


Eldritch a country in the Midwestern Hemisphere that apparently lies on the same continent as Daventry not too far from the Kingdom of Daventry itself, Serenia (KQGS) and Llewdor (KQGS). Eldritch, Llewdor and Serenia border the Infinite Desert somewhere to the north.

It is known to be the home of Susan the skulking crystal dragon. Olfie, Susan, and Bill the ravenous yeti of Serenia which are known to visit each other for tea.

Graham knew of this land as a young teen, and may have threatened the Olfie the Bridge Troll (KQGS) claiming that he had defeated Susan the skulking crystal dragon of Eldritch and Bill the yeti of Serenia. This angered Olfie who had been long time friends with Susan and Bill, causing him to rage in anger, and attack Graham. But Graham backed off. He had last been with them for tea the week before Graham came to Daventry.

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In the original game KQ7, box, marketing and published hintbooks Eldritch was described to be in another world (a parallel universe), 'a land beyond dreams', one that could only be entered through a magical portal such as from the Looking Pool in Castle Daventry's garden. This was likely inspired by similar idea in the Narnia books, which had passages between worlds in the form of pools (in the Magician's Nephew), or by other methods.

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