The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

The Emerald is a magical gemstone created by Graham (unofficial) during his adventure in Kolyma (unofficial). The stone was originally a brilliant clear crystal set into the hilt of the Sword of the First King, passed down the royal bloodline for a thousand years. A spell in Ye Olde Book of Enchantments - Causes and Cures allowed Graham to change it into the Emerald by placing it in a solution made by boiling a blue gemstone and a yellow flower and stirred with a white feather. The Emerald possesses the power to disenchant anything as long as a strong light (such as sunlight) is shined through it and onto the enchanted person or object. Possession of the Emerald automatically made the Evil Enchanter leave Graham alone, and allowed him to restore Disciple of the Cloud, a bridle, Hagatha's Suitor, and finally Valanice herself.

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