The Emperor was a ruler of an empire.


There once was an emperor who so admired the song of the nightingale that he had one captured and caged for his enjoyment. So much did he like the song, and so much did he dislike the bird's plain appearance, that the ruler had a jeweled, mechanical nightingale constructed--one with a song as lovely as the real thing. In time, the emperor grew ill and was told that only the song of a nightingale might save him. Alas! The song of the jeweled bird didn't, so he sent for the plain bird he had rejected. The nightingale agreed to sing for the emperor in return for a promise never to be caged again. The emperor agreed, and the bird's marvelous song, the most beautiful in the world, saved his life, and the bird was set forever free.[1]

When given the chance to make wishes, Fisherman's Wife wanted to be King, then Emperor, and then Pope. All of these the flounder granted her. When she wished to become Lord of the Universe the flounder returned her back to her poor state for her greed.


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