Enchanters are magical users that cast spells of enchantment.


Enchanters can curse people, paralyze them, freeze them, turn them to stone, turn a person into another creature, or even control them, among their list of abilities.

In KQ2, The Enchanter, would try to turn King Graham into a frog. King Graham recognized him, believing it to have been the same sorcerer that had cast a spell that paralyzed him during his quest for the crown. This enchanter also turned Pegasus into a viper. Still others think they may have been separate individuals.

According to King's Quest Companion the wizard Haroun alRaschid was also an enchanter to the Court of Cassima's grandfather.

Female enchanters are known as Enchantresses (for example Malicia).

List of EnchantersEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The character known as the 'evil enchanter' or the Enchanter is said to be The Sorcerer in the King's Quest Companion. Whereas in the The Official Book of King's Quest series, they appear to be separated into two different characters in the Glossary.

This has to do with the fact that the Enchanter from KQ2 appears in the 1987 versions of "King's Quest" (I), replacing the "Sorcerer" artwork from the 1983/84 editions..

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