A reporter going by the name Eye Between Worlds mysteriously archives the first four issues of the The Four Winds between January 23, D.C, and January 30 D.C.

In February, Derek Karlavaegen bought Manannan's House. He found hidden under a trapdoor in Manannan's study, an Eye Between the Worlds. He announces his discovery of the Eye (February 8, D.C.). In the following article posted on February 10, D.C., Alhazred's had attempted to the charges against him, Derek considers it the second biggest news that week since the discovery of an Eye between worlds.

Does this mean there are two Eye Between the Worlds out there? Or did the Eye Between the Worlds send out documents on its own, before Derek discovered it.

Behind the scenesEdit

The timing of when Derek moved into Manannan's house and discovers an Eye according to the Four Winds, contradicts the official information of when he discovered it. In TFW, he states that he discovered it around the week that includes February 8-10, shortly after he had bought and moved into Manannan's house some years after it had become vacant after Alexander's escape. However, in the The King's Quest Companion, Derek moved into the house (squatted really as there was no one around to stop him) only months after events of KQ3, and discovered the eye in the bookcase shortly after.

Even the location of where he discovered the Eye is not consistent with the The King's Quest Companion. In that source, he had discovered the Eye on the bookshelf in the study. The Eye can be seen in KQ3, if one looks closely enough.

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