The Faerie Court of Etheria (Faerie Court) is the high court of Etheria. They are the rulers of the faeries of Etheria, properly ruled by Oberon, King of the Faeries and Titania, Queen of the Faeries. Valanice tried to seek their help.[1]

Faerie CourtEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The idea of a High Court of Fairyland appears in fairy tales such as "Sylvain and Jocosa" in Andrew Lang's Green Fairy Book, in the internal tale The Yellow Bird in the story.

The Faerie Court of Etheria is mentioned in KQC.

The term "High Court of Etheria"[2] originates from one of the cut lines in the game. In the lines that made it into the game and in the KQC, its listed only as the 'high court of Etheria'. Therefore being capitalized may not necessarily be completely official.


  1. KQC, 4th Edition, 382
  2. Attis (KQ7): "Be careful, Rosella, Malicia is one of the High Court of Etheria, and her power is practically boundless."

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