The information from this article is from the fan game {{{game}}} or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

Fand was a druidess of another land (she was not a druid of the Isle of the Mist). She was stolen from her people, in much the same way that Aria was from the Arch Druid (unofficial). Her fate was never known. She is known for the special candles of her creation. Each hold an essence of nature in them. Fand's family asked the Arch Druid, to try to find some sense of her, as their final attempt to find her. They left some of Fand's candles with him to help aid him in his attempt. However her presence was gone or hidden from his powers. Nor could he find her with help of Spirit Nature. The family asked that her belongings stay with him, should some new way of finding her ever came about. But none ever did, and both Fand and Aria was lost to the druids.

One of the candles was placed in such a way that it could only be moved if someone sought Fand's aid. Graham was able to move the candle, thus indicating he sought her help. Even though he had never met her. The Arch Druid allowed him to take the candle, and hoped he could receive aid from Fand.

Behind the scenesEdit

As she is a druid, that was stolen (perhaps by the Black Cloaks), and her fate unknown, she may be the mother of Valanice. The other possibility was that Valanice's mother was Aria.

The name Fand originates from the wife of Manannan Mac Lir in the Welsh legends.

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