The Fantastical Floating Island is a famous landmark said to exist within the Kingdom of Daventry (KQGS). Graham read about it in the travel guides he read as a child, before ever coming to Daventry to see it for himself.

Those who actually see it find out the truth: that it's actually a stupid non-floating island. Hagatha is said to have enchanted later so that it actually does float in the sky.

Titles and namesEdit

  • Daventry's Floating Island
  • Fantastical, Wondrous, Floating Island/Fantastical and Wondrous Floating Island
  • World's Greatest (and only) Floating Island
  • The Floating Island

Behind the scenesEdit

Mordack's Evil Island is sometimes described to be a 'floating island' in the original series. There may be hints at other floating islands in the King's Quest Companion as well. So while this not-actually floating island being the only one in the new universe may be true, its not true of the original King's Quest universe.

A cut line in Chapter 4 discussed how a nearby land named Scandia also had its own Floating Island.

Some of the Enchanted Isles and Mordack's Island are said to float above the sea in the original universe. There is also the Floating Castle.

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