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  • The Father is one of the evil Lucreto's titles, he is 'The Father' of demons and abominations. This is a inspired by the idea that Satan was the father of lies.
  • King Graham is described as the 'noble Father', in a subtitle in the The Royal Family: A Celebration, and called Father by his children.[1][2][3]
  • Graham refers to his own father, Sir Hereward as 'Father'.[4]
  • Master William refers to his own father, as Father.[5]The Official Book of King's Quest also refers to him as Father.[6]
  • Cassima refers to Caliphim as "Father".
  • A Father, a priest was turned to stone by the cataclysm. He remained inside The Church. Another priest Father O'Flynn was buried outside in the graveyard.

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