Edward's father was the previous King of Daventry before Edward the Benevolent. Little is known about him, or about his queen.


Little is known about Edward's younger years. Apparently under his father the kingdom was small. It is known that when Edward was a young prince the castle was surrounded by tall trees.[1] It is also known that upon his father's death, that the Shield of Achille was passed onto him, and thus it was his duty to keep the kingdom safe from any marauding armies.[2] Also it appears at some point either when his father was still ruling the kingdom or when he began his own reign, the kingdom was ruled from the smaller old Castlekeep near Daventry town.Edward would go onto consolidate much of current size when he became king.

Behind the scenesEdit

What little is discussed about Edward's father is mentioned in the second KQ1 manual, and in KQ1SCi. Hoyle I might also suggest that Daventry's grandfather may have been a knight under Edward's father.That is about the earliest generation in which Graham's ancestors became residents of Daventry. Oswold's father or grandfather would have been Seneschel around this time as well.


  1. Narrator (KQ1SCI): "The trees around the castle are tall and old; they were just as tall back when King Edward was just a young prince!""
  2. KQ1 Manual, second prologue

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