Fernando Bullforth is the Bull in the China Shop. He lives in Falderal.


Fernando Bullforth became the proprietor of the the China Shop, after he failed Snorting, Charging, and Stamping at Bovine University. China business was always in his nature, his mother encouraged him to study in more refined areas.

He lost his china bird Treasure. It was returned to him by Valanice. Despite being a literal "bull in a china shop" He is actually very well mannered and gentle. when Valanice first encounters him in Chapter 3 he is in tears over the loss of his treasure, and while Valanice suspects gold or jewels, he tells her he means his pet china bird, Treasure, who flew away. Valanice finds Treasure in a cage on the Snake Oil Salesman's stand. Valanice gives Treasure to Fernando, and as a reward, Valanice receives the ornate masquerade mask in his shop.

Behind the scenesEdit

In chapter 4, Rosella can converse with Fernando. He tells Rosella that her mother is in search of her and when Rosella began to feel guilty, he assured her that "The beauty of the castle of Etheria attracts humans like bees to honey" and that Valanice would understand. When Rosella comments about how angelic Treasure seems to be, Fernando replies, "Oh, most of the time."

In chapter 5, Fernando does the inverse and tells Valanice that he had seen her daughter and she was doing well. By chapter 6, however, Fernando is gone, possibly in hiding while the volcano prepares to erupt.

It's worth noting that actual bulls in a china shop will actually try to avoid knocking anything over (intentionally avoid any obstacles).[1]


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