The ferryman was a blue-skinned creature wearing a black cloak who ran a ferry east of Daventry and the Old Woods.


He was a singulary short and stocky individual who had a long blue muzzle filled with many long white teeth in the jaws of his muzzle. He had large blue-skinned hands. Only his hands and snout could be seen, the rest of him even his eyes were covered by his black cloak. He was extremely strong able to pull the heavy ferry across the river using a rope. Something that would have been difficult for most humans. The creature was not burdened by the task.

He helped carry over several imps who were returning to Zakizga their homeland; who had chosen to flee from the Sorrowing Court. Several of their brothers never made it across having been eaten by giant spiders on the other side. The remaining imps were arguing with the ferryman for having paid for passage of twelve when only ten had crossed. They wantfor money back on the two fares, but the ferryman insisted on no refunds. If anyone wanted refunds they would have to take it by force. After he opened his mouth and hissed they thought better of it and fled.

He later took Graham and Shallan across the river and the answer to a question for the price of a gold ring (the gold band inlaid with pearls had been a gift from Valanice), and even gave then a free warning although cryptically. But would not answer any other questions under the bargain[1]

He bow slightly to anyone who shows him respect, and is willing to take anyone across as many times as needed as long as they pay his fare.

Behind the scenesEdit

Though described as wearing a 'black cloak' he is not a member of the Society.

There are a number of characters referred to as the Ferryman or boatman during the series. Including Charon (and the Ferryman/Boatman of KQ8) and Hassan and the jolly ferryman  (Hassan's father).

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