The Fey Tailorshop is a tailorshop owned and operated by Tailor Fey and his brother. The sign on the entrance says simply 'Tailor'.


The trendiest clothing emporium in Serenia, the prices are quite high but the colors are guaranteed to be the year's most popular. Graham visited the shop while he was in Serenia, returning the golden needle he had found, and getting a much-needed warm cloak in return. Without that protection from the cold of the high mountains, Graham surely would not have survived long there. The shop's owners, the Fey brothers, put the needle on display each year in conjunction with their annual clearance sale. It is mounted on a plaque telling the saga of how the needle was stolen and then returned by a king. Beneath the plaque is another prominent sign stating;


This is apparently considered effective marketing in Serenia.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This is described as the 'tailor's shop' and 'tailorshop' in game, or simply 'Tailor' on the sign.


  1. KQC, 2nd Edition, pg 514

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