The information from this article is from multiple fan games or fan fictions and is therefore not canon.

The First Knight is the highest ranking knight and heir to the Kingdom of Daventry. The tradition goes back to the founder of Daventry Legenimor and his First Knight, Granthithor.

It is implied that all First Knights and later Kings of Daventry have been decendents of Legenimor.

Graham was made First Knight of King Edward, and Connor was made First Knight of Graham.

Behind the scenesEdit

First Knight is an unofficial term used in the AGDI universe of games. It is not found in any of the official sources.

While the exact details of the tradition are not clear, it seems as long as a king has a blood heir, the prince will also be the First Knight. But if something breaks the lineage, someone else, usually a relative (perhaps distant relative) may be chosen to become First Knight, as was the case with Granthithor, Graham, and Connor. Technically it is not known if Connor actually is a distant relative within the lineage of the First Mages, so it is possible that the tradition has been broken at times.

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