It is not true that the purpose of fishhooks is to jab people in various parts of their anatomy. Sometimes they are used to catch fish. Bait is attached to the hook, a weight to the hook, the hook to the line to the fishing pole, and the fishing pole to a person's hands. Often a fishing guide is needed to tell where the fish are. Seen in that light, fishing is much more simple if you are a bear or a bird.

When people think of bait, they often think of worms. In the Other World, Worms are only one form of bait or lure. Thousands upon thousands of different tied-flies, mechanical lures, and alchemical concoctions are used the catch the mythical "Big One". In Daventry, however, people stick to the basic for baits--worms, fish eggs, bread dough, and cheese. Those seem to work fine there.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

Referred to as the Silver Fish Hook" in the Nintendo Power article for KQ5NES.


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