Foretelling and Facts: The Fall of the First King is an introduction article found in the King's Quest III Redux manual PDF. It gives more details surrounding the mystery behind Legenimor and his brother.

Foretelling and Facts: The Fall of the First KingEdit

There has been much debate relating to the demise of Legenimor, the First King. Some say he took his own life. Others claim he was betrayed. There are even those who say he lives still, in some unknown form.

Nevertheless, the various accounts agree on the following: The petrified form of the First King was discovered on the highest point of His realm; His brother, Morgeilen, vanished after the discovery; and the crown passed to the mortal knight, Granthithor.

It is believed that the First King released his awesome and terrible powers to the Heavens (unofficial), and that to him they would return after a thousand years. Early descendants of his kind, wizardly scholars and those of magical persuasion, prophesied that the "the bearer of Legenimor's offering would receive His gifts, and take His place as supreme monarch."

How this might relate to attempts to locate and unearth his stony form remains a mystery. As is the identity of the "Item," as the tool has come to be called. One thing is certain: whoever discovers the Item's form and function, and wields it successfully, may become the greatest being in the world... if not beyond.

It is hoped by the good and knowing few that no such discovery is made. For if it were, no living being would be safe.

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