Dame Fortune is a goddess or spirit whom some believe brings luck and fortune to the lucky few.


She is a mercurial lover--fickle and fast to flit away.[1] She only showers luck on those she deems fit, often those who show both physical and mental strength.[2] Alexander often found dame Fortune sitting on his shoulder. Fortune never says good-bye; one finds out it has deserted them just as they need her the most. That is usually when one begins meeting the bad things.[3]

In Daventry, the poor man's idea of a great tale involved a tradesman or poor farmer falling in with a fairy and thus gaining a fortune overnight. How many wild-eyed dreamers have spent their days searching out such instant prosperity instead of buckling down and taking the long road to that end?[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Probably inspired by Fortuna the roman God of Fortune, and personifiaiton of luck. But Tyche would be the greek equivalent.


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