Freddy Pharkas: Frontier PharmacistEdit

  • During a death scene walking into the swamp near the mine, Whittlin' Willy will start on the Ballad of King Graham, about his encounter with an evil wizard (Mordack): "That ain't one of my better stories, anyhoo. Say, did I ever tell ya the story about ol' King Graham? It seems there wuz this evil wizard, and he got Graham into just a peck o' trouble..."
  • A notice board in the General Store has an ad notice put up by one 'K. Graham': "Announcement to All! I am no longer responsible for any debts incurred by my wife Valanice, my son Alexander or my daughter Rosella. Correspondence may be sent to: K. Graham of Daventry c/o P. Patti Washington D.C. Better not touch it. Whoever this Kay Graham is, she might be very upset."
  • Cedric appears, has his demise in the desert, and is eaten by vultures

Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist DemoEdit

  • The wagon near the bank once belonged to a certain man (Tam Baker) from Serenia.
  • If you try giving the vial of sulpher to Smithie, he says he once had the old spellbook from KQ6. “Smells like rotten eggs! Too bad I ain’t got m’old spellbook from King’s Quest Six.”
  • Looking at the barrel near the saloon it says: “There’s an old used applejack barrel. Smells like somebody’s been keepin’ dead fish in it.” This is a reference to King’s Quest 5 barrel with the smelly, old, rotten fish found in Serenia.

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