Gargoyles are dangerous monsters made out of stone, or in some cases grotesque decorations.


Mordack kept a few stone gargoyles in his castle. Their stone faces followed Graham as he moved through the halls of the castle.[1]

Malicia's Gargoyle, was guardian to Malicia's House, and also was the one that beheaded Count Tsepish. After Rosella and King Otar Fenris III escaped from the Boogeyman's lair, Malicia and the Gargoyle went searching for them. He is not the only gargoyle under Malicia's control, she used to have others in her forces.[2]

Gargoyles lined the second floor of the Swamp Witch's Tower.

Gargoyles are carved into the mantle above the doors in the dungeons of the Castle of the Crown.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gargoyles (unofficial)Edit

Gargoyles appear in the unofficial games, see Gargoyle (unofficial).

References Edit

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