Gate is the Living Gate, it is a creature from the Land of the Dead.


Gate defends the sanctity of the chambers of the Lord of the Dead. He would gleefully devour any human who dares approach him too closely. He serves as the entrance to Samhain's court. It had been centuries since he tasted mortal flesh. He can only be outwitted by a hero with a quick mind and a pure heart.

He would only let Alexander pass either by answering a riddle or eaten alive. The riddle was:

My first is foremost legally,
My second circles outwardly,
My third leads all in victory,
My fourth twice ends a nominee,
My whole is this gate's only key

Alexander answered his riddle correctly (LOVE), so Gate was forced to keep his word.

Gate is the creature that exists in the location known as the 'The Gate to the Lord of the Dead's Hall'.

The Gate is voiced by the late Tony Jay, who also voices the Archdruid and Captain Saladin.

Behind the scenesEdit

Known as the Living Gate or simply Gate in KQ6 hintbook.

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