The Glass Mountains lie east of Daventry and the Old Wood.


The Glass Mountains are even older than the Old Wood. It separates the Kingdom of Sorrow from the western kingdoms. It gets its name from the incredibly sharp and slick rock that makes up the mountains. It is very easy to cut oneself on the mountain. In fact it is believed that the mountain is alive, and actually enjoys cutting others. Special gnomish boots are required to walk on the slick rock, and special gnomish gloves to protect from the sharp rock. The boots however do not offer traction on any other kind of material such as ice, in which case they act just like regular boots. Ahi'aorina convinced the mountain allow plants to grow on it, so that it will safer to travel through in the future.

Glass Mountains are most likely part of the Great Mountains which divides the continent of Serenia. Beyond the first mountain, lies a second range: the Hibestian Range. The Glass Mountains are made up of a few parallel ranges of black glass, high peaks, and summits with lower passes between the peaks. The mountains are silent and dead. No plants grew on the mountain, no trees. Only the wind ventures through the mountains and the cold. Beyond the Glass Mountains is a short valley before the geography rises again to another range of mountains, not nearly as tall as the glass peaks, the cluster of dark mounts were blunt, rough affairs of black stone and twisted trees. Great boulders lay in heaps about their base, and on several slopes are the openings of caves. They were a cluster of strange broken peaks. Just beyond the dark peaks is the hidden valley once known as the Kingdom of Sorrow.

Behind the sceneEdit

The mountains are likely inspired by the Glass Mountain that appears in a couple of fairy tales.

One story can be found in the Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang, The Glass Mountain. On which grew a tree with golden apples, which would allow the picker into a golden castle where a princess lived. Many had tried to climb the mountain, most had slid and fallen to their doom. One boy uses the claws of a lynx to help climb the slick mountain edges.

Another story The Drummer collected in Grimm's Fairy Tales, were the stories name tries to find a way up a glass mountain to rescue a princess that had been captured there by a witch. The mountains side were slick causing the climber to slide back down.[1]

The Glass Mountains lies to the east of Daventry, perhaps as far as southeast of the kingdom. In KQ3 and the KQ Companion the Great Mountains lie roughly east and north of Daventry. Thus suggesting that Glass Mountains must be part of the Great Mountains.


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