The Gnome's House is a run-down shack in Daventry where Rumplestiltskin lived outside the Town of Daventry.


The shack was built during the peace after Graham's coronation when Daventry's people returned to the land. It was built on the dry river bed of the Dangerous River bend of the Raging River (near the former Mushroom Isle) just outside the rebuilt town of Daventry. Rumplestiltskin was still living in the house outside of the crumbling town when Alexander returned to destroy the Three-headed Dragon.

Rumplestiltskin would leave the house the following year to move to Serenia into a new Gnome Home.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Gnome's Home originates out of the official KQ3 Hintbook by Roberta Williams.

The Gnome's House cannot be seen by the time of KQ5, instead there is a great garden in front of Daventry in that general region..

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