God is a deity that people of Daventry make allusions to, but usually in a blaphemous or in the way of a curse, or taking the name in vain. Also in the word 'Godmother'.

List of curses and euphamismsEdit

  • Thank god
  • Golly
  • Gosh
  • Geez/Jeez (Jesus!)
  • Egad/Egads (Oh, God!)
  • Majeezus (My Jesus!)
  • Zounds (God's wounds!)
  • Dagnabit ("god damn it!")
  • Blimey ("God blind me!")

Behind the scens Edit

In the original series Canon the terms 'Gee' (Jesus! KQ4 and Hoyle 3), and 'Gadzooks' (God's Hooks! KQ6 and KQ8), Sheesh (Jesus! KQ7), also appears. Zounds also appears in KQ6 and KQ8, and Egad also appears in KQ6, KQ7, and KQ8. Geez also appears in KQ6 and KQ7, and Gosh also appears in KQ7.

Zards is also used quite a bit in Chapter 3, but its unclear if this is a reference to 'god'.

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