Gold coin

The Gold Coin (aka gold coin) is a common currency in many countries. A gold coin often bears the face of an important individual of the country where it is minted (but this is not always the case).


In Daventry the Chest of Gold is always filled with gold coins. There is however no description for what appears on these coins in known lore.

The Wanderer once found a gold coin inside of a cave, and used it to trade for an item from the peddler. This coin had a face on it.

Alexander found a coin purse inside of the Bandit's hideout in Llewdor. It contained some shiny gold coins. With them he was able to buy supplies from the General Store in Port Bruce and pay the fare on the pirate ship.

A bag of gold coins was buried with the miser in the Whateley graveyards.

Many gold coins and treasure were hidden in Desert Temple. A single shiny gold coin was separated from the rest of the treasure and lying on the floor near the door. Graham picked up the gold coin and a Bottle and escaped the temple before the door closed.

The Snake Oil Salesman tried to sell a moment of time with Valanice for a few gold coins. Fernando Bullsforth also sells his fragile china for gold coins as well.

Connor finds many gold coins around Daventry and surrounding lands and the gold to buy weapons and other supplies during his journey to repair the Mask of Eternity.

Adventures of GrahamEdit


Two types of gold coins appear in the game. The first is the standard gold coin used in Daventry. These include a lion stamped on one side, and a unicorn on the other, the symbols from the kingdoms emblem and the KQ logo.

The second type of coin can be seen at the bottom of the Forest Well, these have a cross on one side, and  a G (for gold?)  on the other molded into them.

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