The Gold Egg is a golden egg in KQ1SCI. It is a lovely golden egg. The golden egg it is one of the treasures that Graham found in Daventry.


This huge golden egg lives at the nest from the top of the Large Oak tree near Castle Daventry.[1]

The troll guarding the gnome's islet, would have accepted this treasure to let Graham pass.

A golden egg was discovered by Graham in Daventry. Genesta has a pet chicken that can lay golden eggs.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is known as the 'Golden egg' in the official KQ1 hintbook, and in the description. It is the 'Gold Egg' in KQ1 SCI, or 'gold egg' in KQ1 AGI.


  1. Narrator (KQ1AGI): The golden egg is smooth and shiny. The golden egg is so heavy you almost drop it.

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