The Gold Walnut (aka Golden Nut) was discovered by opening the walnut plucked from a walnut tree.


The gold walnut is one of the treasures that Graham found in Daventry. He found them after plucking one from the walnut tree. It is possible that the tree contained more golden walnuts.

The troll guarding the gnome's islet, would have accepted this treasure to let Graham pass.

KQ1 RemakeEdit

The Gold Walnut was the nut from KQ1SCI. Graham discovered it at the base of the walnut tree.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the original this game is called the 'gold walnut' as the names are not capitalized within the game. In the remake, this was the Gold Walnut.

The KQ1 hintbook refers to this as the 'Golden Nut' on the map.

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