Goldilocks was a young girl who trespassed in the home of the Three Bears. Her felony was ill-fated and lead to her own death.


Goldilocks was a spoiled, ill-mannered little girl who let herself into the Three Bear's House, and basically ransacked around. She saw three bowls of porridge on the table and tried them all until she found the one that was just right. She bounced around all three chairs until she found the one that was just right, and then broke it. Finally, in a snit for falling when the chair broke, she mussed up all the beds before she fell asleep in Baby Bear's. Imagine how you would feel if you came home and found your home the way Goldilocks left it. After checking out the damage, and calming Baby Bear, the bears stomped upstairs and confronted the intruder. The sound of their approach awakened Goldilocks, and as they entered the bedroom, she tried to escape by jumping out the window. She broke her neck and died from the fall.[1]

Alexander-Gwydion once followed in her footsteps trespassing into the Three Bears home. He however escaped with little more than a few bruises at the most (by some accounts). Sometime later, he sent gold to the family and apologized for his intrusion. They accepted the gold and forgave him.

Behind the scenes

In the new series Goldilocks and the Three Bears are just a fairy tale story told to children, and not a 'true story'. It is a story that can only be found in the fairy books.


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