Goliath is one of the most famous giants.


He fought for the Phillistines against King Saul of Israel. No warrior dared fight the giant in single combat except for the boy David. David killed Goliath by striking him on the head with a stone shot from his sling. David kept Goliath's sword and used it later when he fought Saul.[1]

Goliath's story was recorded in the Bible.

Knowing this story, Graham took pebbles from near the bank of the River Fools aka the Raging River, near the location known as the Dangerous River, and found a slingshot as well. He could have used it to kill the Giant, but instead took peaceful approach and let the giant fall asleep.

Behind the scenesEdit

The giant in KQ1 is also referred to as a 'goliath' in TKQC.


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