The Good Fairy is a character would show up near the Monastery of the Blessed Wilbury.


The pixielike fairy has golden blonde hair, translucent wings, and an endless supply of fairy dust![1] The beautiful fairy floated down from the sky! The lovely fairy nodded her head in greeting to Graham. The kind and beautiful fairy then told Graham that she was there to help him with his quest. The fairy started to sprinkle fairy dust on him. The dust was protective spell spell. She warned him that the spell would last only a short time and would protect him against certain evil elements.[2] It protected him from the enchanter, Hagatha, and the dwarf.

The Good Fairy attended Graham's and Valanice's wedding in Kolyma, and sprinkiled fairy dust on the couple as they left the church.

The title Good Fairy is also given to the fairy Genesta who rules over Tamir.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is a character that appears it the original version of KQ2. The name "Good Fairy" originates from the official KQ2 hintbook, and also appears in The Official Book of King's Quest series.

This character does not show up in KQ2 (AGDI).

The good fairy or rather it's race if fairies in Kolyma is mentioned in Kingdom of Sorrow.


  1. Narrator (KQ2)
  2. "Good King Graham, I am here to help you, I give you a protective spell against certain evil elements; but beware, for it lasts only a short time."

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